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There is a lot of legal information available on the world wide web and it can be a useful starting point for getting information and finding out about services.

However, family legal problems can have complex and unforeseen consequences for couples and their children.

In these sorts of situations there is no substitute for:

  • professional advice from a lawyer

  • who will look at your particular circumstances

  • and will help you resolve the situation in a constructive and sensitive way.

The first step is to choose the right solicitor for you - someone who will provide reliable advice and understands that when decisions need to be made, they must be your decisions. They should also help you understand the consequences of decisions you take.

Consulting a Resolution member

If you are interested in consulting a Resolution member, but he or she isn't available to help and suggests a colleague, you may want to make sure that person is also a member. Membership of Resolution is related to the individual and other members of the same firm may not share the Resolution approach.

If your problem is urgent e.g. domestic abuse, child abuse, child abduction or disposal of assets, explain this when you make the appointment.

Getting advice

If you just want some preliminary advice and you're not sure whether you will want to take it any further, ask if the solicitor offers a free or fixed price initial interview.

Resolution family law web site 

If you are eligible for help with legal fees through the Community Legal Service (Legal Aid) you should check that the solicitor you wish to consult provides this service. You can find information on eligibility on the Legal Services Commission's website by following the link on our links page.

Before your appointment, think about the advice you need. You might find it helpful to make a note of the questions you want to ask so that you don't forget anything. It will help your solicitor if you collect together any documents or information you think might be useful.

If you have children, it would be better if you could ask a reliable friend or relative to look after them or collect them from school whilst you are seeing the solicitor. That way you can concentrate on finding out what you want to know.

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