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Gavin obtained his Honours Degree in Law from Middlesex University in 1990 and qualified as a solicitor in 1992. He became a Duty Solicitor in 1994 and a Higher Court Advocate in 2002.  Gavin is a fully accredited Police Station Representative. 

Gavin has always devoted himself to criminal law.  He was responsible for developing the firm’s criminal department into a busy and thriving centre of excellence, not only for dealing with general criminal cases, but also for expanding into successfully representing individuals and corporations involved in proceedings for serious and complex criminal offences.

From the outset, Gavin has had a reputation for never accepting any part of the prosecution case at face value, and always being ready to challenge every fact and piece of evidence where possible.  Gavin has always understood the importance of research, and will tirelessly search in every case he deals with to expose defects in the prosecution case and seek out technical defences to any charge that one of his clients faces. 

With these principles in mind, and under Gavin’s direction, Keppe Rofer became one of the most successful criminal practices in Mid Wales.  Gavin’s reputation spread beyond Mid Wales, and he was soon in demand in South Wales, Gwent and beyond.

Gavin now has a national practice and travels regularly throughout England and Wales dealing with a heavy caseload of serious and complex criminal cases.

In particular, Gavin specialises in representing clients who have been charged with offences involving complex fraud, money laundering, HMRC prosecutions for tax evasion, Trading Standards prosecutions, Environmental prosecutions and serious drugs cases. 

Since its introduction, Gavin has specialised in offences under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 and associated Confiscation Proceedings.  Over the years, his expertise has resulted in his clients having millions of pounds worth of assets being spared from confiscation.

Gavin has a national reputation for successfully representing clients charged with murder and serious violent crime.

Furthermore, Gavin has been at the forefront of representing individuals charged with offences of Modern Slavery, and is now regarded as one of the most experienced and knowledgeable practitioners in this area of law. 

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