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How we can help you

Independent advice is available concerning all the various aspects involved, for example; surveys and valuations, mortgages, deposits, life assurance, estate agents and a number of other facets of the conveyancing process about which you will need to know. The steps involved will be explained in detail, from the initial stages of obtaining the title deeds and preparing a draft contract on your sale, to completing the transaction on the date when you move in to your new home.

Keppe Rofer will also handle all the necessary Stamp Duty formalities as well as registration of your title. The firm will provide you with notice of the transfer, in the case of leasehold properties and will deal with the issue of a new share certificate where a management company is involved. In short, they will ensure that all procedures have been complied with on your behalf.

Our staff

The busy and thriving Conveyancing Department at Keppe Rofer is run by highly experienced staff. Our staff are committed to providing a fast and efficient service with a strong emphasis on personal contact with their clients, a quality of service which is not always available with the average on-line/internet based e-conveyancing companies.

We have a well established business relationship with local estate agents, independent financial advisers and mortgage brokers and other solicitor's firms both local and across Mid and South Wales

Having lived and worked in the area for a number of years, our staff have a wealth of local knowledge which can often be essential in bringing a sale and a purchase to a speedy and uncomplicated conclusion.

Having offered conveyancing services since the firm was originally established in 1988 (as Keppe Shaw)we specialise in residential and matrimonial Conveyancing, and have established a strong and loyal client base. "It is imperative that we have direct contact with our clients, who know that we are on the other end of a telephone, as and when they wish to speak to either myself or a member of our department or that they can call in to see us, when the need arises, without an appointment"

"Everyone knows that buying or selling a house is stressful. If I can make it less so, then I know that I have done a good job. We adopt a friendly and down to earth approach, which reflects our own personalities and which our clients appreciate. Gone are the days of grey suits and quill pens! Today's office is friendly, modern, efficient and high tech".

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